About Me


Welcome to Adrienne’sThings, thank you for taking the trouble to look in.
I am selling a collection of my designs which have been made up into articles for your fun.I am always sketching and designing, and here are of the things I make.

The teatowels are of course designed by myself, and made up by an English company who are expert in printing.They are intended to remind the chef or shopper that buying local produce is always the best choice for freshness and flavour. Not only that, this is a proven boost for the local economy.

I love designing and drawing the little illustrations of the local foods which are representative of the County I am working on. As a home cook and committed local shopper, I put my cooking utensils aside and picked up my drawing pencils to illlustrate how I feel about GREAT BRITISH REGIONAL FOODS.

I started with Sussex where I have lived for the last  50yrs. I now live in the old  Wealden  cottage in East  Sussex, as on the front page.

Kent is the next county I worked on. In Kent, the amount of local food is is overwhelming; it was hard to choose which to illustrate. I choose just six types of food which would often be known as world class standard, and local, national or international award winning.

The next teatowel in production is the one for Norfolk, if you guess that Cromer crab is depicted you wouldn’t be wrong! In fact Hampshire and Norfolk are at the printers as I write.

Dolls, they are hand made and designed by me. They are 18inches tall, with hand painted faces. The clothes are made hand made to fit and are made up with unusal screen prints, or Libery prints. These are dolls for collectors or big girls. They will sit around your room as your friend and confidante through thick and thin. These dolls would be suitable for a child of 5 to 8 years and comply with current toy safety regulations. contact me to enquire about prices.

There are a small group of ladies who love to practice the old art of sidesaddle riding, these are the people who love my sidesaddle brooches; I have them made up in pewter by a small English casting and molding company. The are just like the real sidesaddle; my daughter (Nicola Watson)  is a master saddler specialising in sidesaddles and so I know how they look!
I have a ‘shop’ on my Etsy page, where items are available to buy.

Jack In The Green

The locality where I live is known for its celebration of folklore. With this in mind I have produced a card for ‘Jack in the Green’. It is about 6 x 4inches, it comes in clear wrap with its envelope. It is an illustration of Jack in the Green, anyone who lives in or near Hastings will know all about him!!
Also, don’t miss my representation of THE GREEN MAN, a small greetings card, blank inside for your own spooky message.