English cloth dolls (Rag Dolls)

These are traditional cloth dolls, which are hand-made in Sussex (England) from quality new materials. Stuffed with fire retardand polyester to comply with current H&S regulations. Dolls are suitable for a child of about 5 or 6 years old, or anyone who wants to take care of a hand made article which is very decorative and can be dressed and redressed.
Each doll is individually named and dated on the body.
Sometimes a doll has been living on my workroom for sometime before she is ready to leave home to find a person to live with, you will find the date she was made on her body label.
Her face can be cleaned by carefully sponging, but do not immerse the doll in water of brush her hair. Her dress and underclothes can be removed and hand washed if necessary.
I hope you have fun together.

The dolls and all my other items can be bought fromĀ my Etsy page